Our Firm

Losing a job or ending a marriage can be devastating. For employers too, changes in the workplace present many challenges.

At Morrison Reist we work hard to resolve the many issues and challenges that our clients face when this happens.  Whether it is a matter of determining proper severance or sorting out parenting arrangements for children, we dedicate ourselves to obtain fair and favourable results for you.

We know that if you are an employee, you didn’t ask to be without a job. If you are an employer, you want to avoid the stress that changes in the workplace sometimes bring. If you are a family law client, we know that you never expected to be in the middle of a matrimonial breakup. Unfortunately life sometimes throws us a curve.  We also know many of our clients have not dealt with lawyers and the legal system before and don’t know how the law works. We  help guide you through the legal minefields to reach a solution.

Charles Morrison, who has practised family law since 1979 and Melanie Reist, who has practised employment law since 1988 set up shop together in 1992.  Morrison Reist's associate lawyers are Pamela Krauss, Holly Gomes and Maxwell Bauer.  While Charles practices family law at Morrison Reist, the employment law team of Melanie Reist, Pamela Krauss, Holly Gomes and Maxwell Bauer concentrate on employment law representing both employers and employees.  

Many cases are settled without ever having to go to court. We are experienced and effective at the negotiating table and often resolve cases without court proceedings. However some cases are either urgent or can’t be resolved at the beginning.  When court or tribunal work is required, our experience and knowledge will help you through this process.

We tackle employment law and family law cases with skill, enthusiasm and compassion.

Our funky, 60s “retro”-style offices are conveniently located at 279 Queen St. South, in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. (There is parking out back.)