Children's Aid Proceedings

To be honest, few people are happy when the Children’s Aid Society is involved with their children.  But sometimes, this can’t be avoided.

Children’s Aid Societies (also known as Family and Children’s Services) become involved with children “in need of protection”. Usually their concerns revolve around safety and well-being of children. These concerns include parental neglect, abuse and other causes. They may be seeking court orders that range from supervision orders (in which the children may be placed into the care of their parents or others, subject to supervision and other conditions) to Children’s Aid Society wardship and Crown Wardship orders.

When these matters go to court, we represent mothers, fathers and step-parents.  Sometimes we appear for grandparents and other family members who come forward to care for children who are removed from the care of their parents. We deal with caseworkers, therapists and other caregivers.

Court proceedings are often top-heavy with paperwork and the issues are serious.   With our experience, we can help our clients defend these matters and navigate through these often overwhelming procedures.